About The Band

Frank Carr, Reb Burall, and James Brown had a vision in 1997, to put together a band of capable, talented musicians to provide excellent music that not only would they enjoy playing but that their audience would enjoy listening to.  With a name taken from the punch line of a popular comedian of the time, Fuzzy Side Up set out to take Houston by storm.

Members of the band would include “Almost Famous”Phil Sandling, Dash Beardsley, Bill Broonzy, Juan Abair, Greg Varhaug and Jimmy Murado.  These and others have been a special and integral part of the history of this long-enduring musical unit.

Now with its current lineup of James Brown, Reb Burall, Tommy C. Lewis, and BC Anagnostis, Fuzzy Side Up packs a high-energy punch and the kind of professionalism you would expect to find with a band with this kind of longetivity.

Ever-expanding its repertoire, the band continues to wow crowds everywhere they perform.